Quality Objectives

A quality objective is something you try to achieve related to quality. The following are examples of Quality Objectives;

Production related 

  • reduction in rework
  • reduction of scrap
  • improving on time completion
  • reduction in the number and value of service or support issues

Process related

  • ensuring services performed to plan;
  • improving time from enquiry to quotation
  • improving follow up to quotations
  • reducing quantities of credit notes raised
  • reducing numbers of Purchase Orders raised

Customers related

  • improvement in customer satisfaction rating


  • improvement of on time delivery performance
  • reducing number of issues with suppliers
  • reducing numbers of suppliers


  • reducing servicing engineers time in the office
  • reducing Health and Safety issues and accidents
  • ensuring availability of vehicles and process equipment
  • ensuring training is performed to plan

Quality Management System 

  • customer satisfaction feedback
  • increasing number of complaints logged
  • dealing with complaints within a certain time
  • closure of actions from audits within a certain time


The objectives set should be compatible with the Quality Policy, meaning that if a policy states that all products should be red then the objective is to achieve redness in all products. Objectives should be measurable also. How many of the products are red is a measurable objective.