System Audits

Internal Audits
All Management System standards, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO50001 include requirements for the company to perform Internal Audits to ensure the System;

  • Conforms to planned arrangements including the requirements of the appropriate Standard,
  • Conforms with the company objectives, and
  • Is effectively implemented and maintained.

Internal Auditing should be productive and effective. To do this requires time, expertise and experience. Auditing is not a matter of ticking boxes on a sheet, it is a matter of gaining an understanding of a process, understanding the controls that are put in place, identifying areas for improvement or nonconformance and bringing these to the attention of Management for investigation and action.

SG Quality Engineering provides the expertise and experience to perform searching and effective audits to identify compliance issues and opportunities to improve processes.

Management System standards also require that an auditor does not audit processes or activities for which they are responsible, ensuring that the audit is objective. In a small company this can be difficult to achieve. Therefore SG Quality Engineering provides companies with the independence and objectivity to perform effective Internal Audits. An additional auditor to be called upon when required.


Supplier Audits
Management System standards include an element of supplier assessment. When assessing the suitability of suppliers their capability to meet contract requirements by auditing is an important tool. An audit has the capability of identifying issues with a supplier that could cause disruption to supply, for instance;

  • Have their processes and personnel the capability of meeting order requirements,
  • Do they have the capacity to meet order requirements,
  • Do they have the knowledge and expertise to address issues should they arise
  • Do they have effective order processing controls to cope with changes in requirements.

These questions can usually be answered through auditing before they become an issue.

SG Quality Engineering works with companies to plan supplier audits to provide the information companies require to make necessary business decisions.

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