Developing a system usually starts with a business requirement to obtain UKAS Accredited Certification.  SG Quality Engineering develops systems to, and assists with companies obtaining Certification to the following standards;

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems,
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems,
  • ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems. 

Recent projects have included obtaining Certification to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) requirements.


Why decide to obtain certification?
For some companies Certification is a necessity due to the market they operate in, or their customers demand Certification, or it is a requirement of a European Directive, or it is a requirement of a Product Approval Scheme.  For others it is a way to show their customers that they are committed to providing good service and meeting their statutory obligations.

For other companies there is no perceived requirement for certification but they would like to improve their business Quality, Environmental or Energy performance by providing management with the controls offered using a structured System.


So what is involved in developing a system and obtaining certification?
Even if it does not recognise it a company already has a system to control;

  • Quality of products and services (otherwise they would never meet customer requirements),
  • Environmental issues (otherwise the company would not be meeting their statutory or regulatory obligations)
  • Energy usage (otherwise the company would be using more and paying more for energy)

Therefore to develop a formal Management System we start with what is already available. We analyse a company’s existing processes, activities, objectives, records with a view to preparing a formal plan as to how compliance is to be achieved. We then work with the company to develop a structured system to meet requirements and company objectives.

This is a process that requires considerable input if a system is to be of benefit to a business.  It is not a matter of just writing a manual and some procedures. It is about;

  • Setting company objectives.
  • Agreeing how processes are to be operated to meet requirements.
  • Taking action to ensure processes are operated as agreed by;
    • Defining responsibilities,
    • Understanding the skills and competences required to control processes,
    • Preparation of procedures where necessary to control a process,
    • Training to operate processes.
  • Measuring processes.
  • Analysing measurements and other records.
  • Using analysis data to make business decisions.
  • Auditing the system to ensure the processes are operating to requirements.
  • Taking action where issues from complaints, audits, nonconforming product occur.

Once the system is in place and operating the company should start to see the benefits it can offer and Certification can be obtained.

If you are interested in obtaining Certification or developing a system and would like to discuss this please call 01434 230580.