System Management

For a formal Management System (Quality or Environmental, Energy) to achieve its full potential it is essential to have a good understanding of what can be achieved, how to go about it and to have the necessary time available to do the job.

There are many companies that are not large enough to justify a full-time position to develop and manage Systems with the result that someone is given the responsibility for development whose main role in the company is something else. This often means that they may not have the time, the skill or the commitment to do the job sufficiently well to achieve the improvements that are possible. Most of our customers fall into this category.

The service we provide is a productive but flexible solution to this situation. We provide a skilled, part-time Manager to assist with effective management and further development of a system, providing direction and ultimately improving business performance. The tasks we get involved with include;

  • Performance of internal and supplier audits
  • Attending Certification and customer audits.
  • Assisting in Management Reviews.
  • Ensuring Management are provided with the necessary information to make business decisions.
  • Analysis of data and records.
  • Investigation of issues, for instance customer complaints and ensuring suitable Corrective Action is taken.
  • Development of systems to control and measure processes.
  • Staff training.

On this basis we usually work with our customers in the long term helping the business to develop and improve. Our role often changes over time into one that provides direction and guidance only as the company gains an understanding of how the systems work and find they can control the day to day running themselves.

The amount of our time required is up to the customer, some companies choosing a few days a month and others the odd day over the course of a year.

We have worked with a fabrication company in the Greater Manchester area since 2009 who already had ISO9001 Certification. Initially we managed their system visiting the company once or twice a month. The company finally decided they needed someone to manage the system more regularly. The company with our help employed a Quality Engineer who works for the company 2 days a week. We visit the company twice a year to attend Management Review, perform internal audits, analyse data and try to provide some advice and direction for the Quality Engineer and Management.


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