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Complaints II

It is not unusual for a company to set an objective to reduce the number of customer complaints that they receive. No one wants complaints therefore if you can eliminate them this must be a good thing. However, it is hard to get people to raise an issue as a complaint in the first place… read more


At home we are currently having some work done and the company have not done a good job at all. So we complained. Their response? Woeful!!! They don’t respond to calls, take days to respond to emails, turned up early to meet us to discuss the issues but left before we arrived and before the… read more

Human Error

Human error does not have a place in Quality Systems When investigating customer complaints or noncompliances I often find that customers enter as the root cause “Human Error”. I always react by saying, emphatically, that there is no such thing as Human Error? At first there is usually some surprise at this. Now I think… read more