At home we are currently having some work done and the company have not done a good job at all. So we complained.

Their response?
Woeful!!! They don’t respond to calls, take days to respond to emails, turned up early to meet us to discuss the issues but left before we arrived and before the time arranged, made idle promises! Marvellous.

Why did we pick this company? A personal recommendation and feedback seen on the internet. Orders I suspect where the work was completed as it should have been.

This makes me think that what makes a good company is not how they operate when things go right, but when things go wrong. It distinguishes a company as one you want to continue to work with as you have some confidence that they will get it right.

If the company we used had just dealt with us with more care and responsiveness we would probably have been satisfied. Instead we are now at the point where we won’t be paying them or recommending them to anyone. (Granted, it would have been better if they had performed the job correctly in the first place but that is another subject.)

One of the first actions I take with a new customer is to ensure that they have a robust system for dealing with customer complaints, including;
• consistently recording Customer Complaints,
• ensuring someone takes responsibility to deal with the complaint to the satisfaction of the customer
• investigating the circumstances that resulted in the Customer complaint, and
• taking corrective action to stop the issue from recurring.

The system teaches a company about the issues they have around them, gives management confidence that complaints are being dealt with and finally stops them from being an issue.

If you are interested in implementing a system to increase the level of customer satisfaction call us on 01434 230580.

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